Have you come across several products, “suggested for you” based on your previous activity on a particular website? Moreover have you found that it includes a call-to-action (CTA) button to direct you back to that particular site to finish shopping. This is an example of retargeting. As one of the popular Remarketing strategies retargeting on the Google Display Network allows you to show ads — like this one from your particular website — to visitors as they browse more than 2 million websites. Usually, when just getting started with remarketing, website owners consider using simple display ads with clean images, text, and CTA buttons that guide people back to their website to buy.

Site retargeting explicitly involves showing display advertisements to users who visited your site and then left without completing a purchase to browse elsewhere. Most importantly site retargeting is not keyword-based, and it targets people who are already familiar with your brand, or who at least have visited your site once and showed interest in your offerings. Since the customers have an idea about your brand and they have brand recognition, the Return on Investment of site retargeting is often extremely high. You can compare it to a lower funnel, conversion-focused strategy. Evidently the lower funnel is the peak of all your marketing efforts. While you are in the lower funnel of eCommerce marketing metrics people here know about you. They might have had some form of interaction with your brand. They might have read one or more of your blog posts, seen your social media posts, or used one of your lead offers.

Site retargeting uses information gathered during a person’s site visit to understand their intent and serve ads that will encourage them to come back to your site and complete a purchase. A basic retargeting campaign will re-engage shoppers by showing them an ad for the product they most recently viewed or left in a cart. Sophisticated retargeting solutions can offer product recommendations and dynamic creative optimization to deliver highly personalized ads based on each shopper’s preferences.

Retargeting is meant to be a long-term marketing strategy for businesses that already have a great following. In case your website gets a large number of monthly visitors, website Remarketing advertising are is definitely for you.

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